Left Behind

Caroline developed the concept of Left Behind when evaluating her own life and future. The basic concept is that wherever she goes she leaves individuals and organisations facing a better future. She recognises that none of us are perfect but that even small impacts are worthwhile as shown in The Starfish Story. The principles shared below are a guide, not something that she adheres to perfectly, but which explain her values and might strike a chord with others.

The inverted top of the triangle reflects the need for personal maintenance in order to be available to help others.

For Caroline this is about hobbies, time to exercise, and the basics of eating and sleeping!

The first major output is usually perceived as the essential looking one - earning a living or raising a family for example.
Its ongoing impact will be the service delivered; successful company that can employ others, children that make their parents proud.

For Caroline this has been her life as a speech therapist and then accountant.

Caroline believes the second major output is also essential since it provides the balance to life - it is less focussed on the needs of the individual and considers activities within the wider community.
The ongoing benefit to lives and communities can be dramatic - the service can continue to function, the individual can face a better future.

Caroline has been involved in a wide range of voluntary activities at home and overseas where she has enjoyed the activity itself, the contacts made and the benefits delivered.

Where the 2 key elements of life overlap can often be the area of greatest benefit particularly for the longer term.

Community Christmas and her overseas voluntary work sharing her accounting skills are two examples of how Caroline has used her professional skills in a community focussed way to leave a legacy.

Activities during our lives leave behind a legacy long after we are around - our presence is not important for our impact to still be felt.